• Is it a fairy treehouse?

    Every child deserves a Hangpod of their own.

  • Is it a pirate cave?

    Ooodles of fun without sunscreen or raincoats.

  • Is it a magical chrysalis?

    Watch your child’s imagination take flight.

  • Is it a dragon’s lair?

    Hang loose kids and sway the day away.

    • The wonderful Hangpod.

      The Hangpod has been specially designed to delight children aged three to ten. Being cuddled up in the Hangpod not only feels good, but creates a heightened relationship with gravity. This helps build muscular strength, sensory integration and stimulates the vestibular system responsible for balance, coordination and proprioception.

    • Cloud nine.

      Inside the super comfy Hangpod kids find peace and tranquility – getting a wonderful feeling of being airborne, yet firmly held at the same time. Floating and calming, the Hangpod offers safety and comfort, providing deep relaxation and stimulating the imagination.

    • No raincoats…

      … Or sunscreen required. No matter what the weather, your child can have unlimited fun indoors thanks to the Hangpod. It provides a wonderful sheltered spot for your child to take a nap, read or listen to music. It also gives kids a really cool and stimulating way to watch television or play video games.

    • Magical powers.

      For a ‘time-out’ that really works, try sending your child to their Hangpod, not to their room or a naughty step. You’ll be amazed at the world of difference it makes. You will soon marvel and appreciate the Hangpod’s almost magical ability to calm down and relax kids.

    • Hang out anywhere.

      You can use your Hangpod anywhere. If attached with an appropriate carabiner, it can be quickly moved about from room to room, or outdoors – if it’s dry. Attach it to a secure branch in the garden for the best treehouse in the world!

    • 100% pure cotton.

      The Hangpod’s unique cocoon-like form is lovingly crafted in high quality 100% pure cotton – using a super durable, heavyweight 240gm canvas that’s also soft and comfy. No artificial fabrics with potentially harmful coatings to worry about.

    • Fill. Hang. Enjoy.

      Every Hangpod comes with a special purpose-designed 3 metre rope and is delivered free to your door (New Zealand only). Simply fill the cushion, hang up and let the fun begin. The Hangpod will soon prove to be one of the most beloved items you ever buy your child. Buy one today.

    • A plum idea!

      Our colours are inspired by beautiful Mother Nature. And while our classic Hangpod comes in awesome ‘plum’ purple and orange, we’ve got our thinking caps on and are hard at work, aiming for a delectable range that brings the bright and colourful fruity world around us to life for kids.

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