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  • Make popsicle stick character Christmas tree decorations!

    Cool enough yet? The more ice-cream popsicle sticks you can collect the merrier! Popsicle stick Christmas craft idea bonanza – check out instalment 3 – Make Popsicle stick character Christmas tree decorations!

  • Make popsicle stick snowflakes!

    Keep the ice-creams coming! The more popsicle sticks you can collect the merrier! Popsicle stick Christmas craft idea bonanza – check out instalment 2 – Make popsicle stick snowflakes! 

  • Make popsicle stick Christmas trees!

    Oh it’s so hot outside. Great! The more popsicle sticks you can collect the merrier! Popsicle sticks Christmas craft idea bonanza – check out instalment 1 – Make Popsicle stick Christmas trees!

  • Super Easy Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft For Kids!

    A super fun and easy little project that young crafters will love from the clever folk at Non-Toy Gifts. A great way to make use of the leftover plates from that birthday party – that you always buy extras for ‘just in case’ 😉 Check out these Paper Plate Jellyfish in 6 easy steps.

  • 19 Kitchen Science Experiments You Can Eat!

    Oh let us count all the yummy ways you can learn. That’s right, here a 19 fantastic kids science ideas collected together by the good folk at Buzzfeed that feature experiments that you can ultimately eat. Now ain’t that just a treat! Play, learn, eat, repeat! 

  • Here’s some rainy craft inspiration.

    Let what’s going on outdoors provide the inspiration for some exciting stuff for your kids indoors – it can be so easy and so much fun! Check out this cool Thunderstorm Art Project made using paints and construction paper at 

  • 36 Cool Bunny Crafts For Kids!

    So just how many kids craft idea are there to keep them occupied over the Easter break? Lots! Bunny plates, bunny pots, bunny acorns, bunny masks, bunny idea galore… Here are 36 great bunny craft ideas from the guys at Growing a Jeweled Rose. Have fun!

  • Easter Craft Ideas for Kids!

    It’s nice to be able to go to one place for a range of craft ideas that will keep kids inspired and exploring their creative side in fun ways. Here’s links to a collection of 18 of them at the chickabug blog.

  • Paper Plate Ladybug

    Sometimes with a little quick thinking and ingenuity, you can bring so much joy and colour to life! Got some paper plates lying around? And with a bit of paint you’re off… Check out this wonderful idea from the clever folks at NON-TOY GIFTS

  • Awesome 3-Ingredient Fluffy Slime!

    EASY 3-INGREDIENT FLUFFY SLIMEOur live video just got cut off, so I did a quick video of Miss G being a total crazy person with our new 3-ingredient Fluffy Slime.It's seriously amazing, and not nearly as messy as my daughter makes it look - super fluffy, stretchy and a great alternative if you don't have access to liquid starch and haven't had success with borax slimes in the past.Get the recipe here -->

    Posted by Sugar, Spice & Glitter on Monday, February 20, 2017

    The great guys at Sugar Spice & Glitter have this fantastic recipe for fluffy slime which we suggest everyone out there with kids should definitely have a go making.

    With simple ingredients that is real easy to put together, this clever mum and daughter team have taken the experimentation out of the equation and put all the fun in. Enjoy their easy-3-ingredient-fluffy-slime recipe.

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